Lullabies & Nightmares (2017)

A collection of chamber music featuring small combinations of woodwinds and strings.

Downtown Suite

Double reed duets, featuring oboe, English horn, bassoon, and contrabassoon.

Cooper Must Die (2017)

A dark, claustrophobic piece for violin, cello, double bass, and narrator.

Three Pieces for Double Bass (2013)

Three short pieces for unaccompanied double bass.

Drunk at the Funeral (2012)

Sometimes haunting, sometimes violent music for piano and percussion. Recorded by Graham Reynolds.

Dunno (2011)

A collection of songs recorded during my first four years in Tucson. Broken tangos, Gypsy punk, and heartbroken country music.

Jericho (2006)

Recorded in fits and starts in Austin, Texas, and rescued entirely from email attachments after an unfortunate hard drive meltdown.

One Strange Day (2013)

An album of music from the ChamberLab concerts series.

Bajo Turbato: Locals Only (2010)

A collaboration between myself and Gabriel Sullivan, recorded live on Tucson's community radio station, KXCI, on the Locals Only program.

Chris Black Live 2007 (2007)

A filthy live recording of my solo performance, back when I used to loop with a guitar, double bass, and banjo. Recorded at the Hole in the Wall in Austin, Texas.

Moving in this House (2002)

A collection of live recordings from Austin, Texas with my band The Holy Ghost.