Everything Happens for a Reason

If you have a half-hour to spare, you might like to watch the first performance of my work-in-progress choose-your-own-adventure music from the ChamberLab concert on May 9th, 2015. If you’d like to watch it in bits and pieces, there’s a table of contents in the video description.

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Just came home today! Of the three double basses I’ve owned in my life, this is the first one that is A) fully-carved, B) from Romania, C) 7/8 size rather than 3/4, and D) really just super loud. It (she? he? don’t know yet) was made last year, so I’m the first owner! I am beside myself, and can’t wait to climb all over it. My previous warhorse, a 1980 Engelhardt, will shortly be converted to a slap bass, with nylon strings and vertigo-inducing action.